The Story Behind Some of the World’s Most Iconic Jewelry

Jewels and jewelry have been the object of fascination since times immemorial. They either served as a medium of exchange, or a symbol of status or wealth, and some were even said to have magical properties. Some of the world’s most expensive jewels on earth, however, get their value from more than just the principles of supply and demand. Sometimes, the story behind them is just as valuable as the jewel itself. Let’s take a closer look at the history of some of the world’s most iconic and expensive pieces of jewelry.

The Hope Diamond – $250m

This is probably the most prestigious jewel on this list. Besides it’s beautiful bluish hue that comes from traces of boron atoms, the diamond’s nefarious history is what made it so popular and sought after. The diamond has been said to be cursed and bring bad luck, but instead of putting off buyers, it has only sparked more interest. While the piece is massive right now at 45.52 carats, it was actually bigger when first discovered in the mines of Southern India.

The Peacock Brooch – $100m

What sets the Peacock Brooch apart first and foremost is the beautiful craftsmanship and variety of precious stones in it. It is composed of a combination of orange, yellow, blue and white diamonds. The huge pear-shaped blue diamond in the middle of this peacock shaped masterpiece is the most valuable part, sitting at 20.02 carats.

The brooch is the creation of Graff Diamonds, one of the most reputed and respected jewelers in the world. And their creations retain a lot of value as well. If you or someone you know owns a piece created by Graff, it would be a wise idea to have it appraised and see what it can fetch on the open market. There are many services like Speedy Diamond that will allow to get a quick appraisal of any piece online with no hassle. They’re also retailers, which means that you’ll get a much better quote than with wholesalers. If you want to know more about their services, you contact them for details.

The Pink Star – $71.2m

This piece is already gigantic sitting at 59.2 carats. But did you know that it was only a fraction of a stone nearly 3 times its size?

The original stone was mined in South Africa in 1999 by the De Beers company. The original diamond was a massive 132.5 carats, and was cut over the course of 20 months to get the magnificent shape it has today. It was graded as the single largest internally flawless fancy pink diamond in the world. It was auctioned off for a massive $71.2m by a Hong Kong company in 2017.

All these jewels have a story to tell, and are the epitome of prestige and opulence. Knowing what makes a piece iconic could be a great tool for any collector, so if you were thinking of going that route, learn more about the history of any piece before making a bet.

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