Root Canal: What is it?

root canal importance

When we hear the word “root canal”, it definitely brings unpleasant expectations as to what the dentist will do to our tooth. Surprisingly, some people actually do not know what root canal truly is. Those who do know are probably the ones who were able to experience it first hand; however, for those who were fortunate enough to have never been in the root canal situation may actually not know what this process is.

Finding out what is bound to happen when someone undergoes a root canal treatment is essential especially if you are the one who is expected to go through it or if you are accompanying someone who needs it.

What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal actually refers to a hollow part inside a tooth that contains the pulp. This pulp houses blood vessels, nerves and other tissues. Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is a treatment which involves the process of removing what is inside the root canal.

When is a root canal treatment necessary?

This type of dental treatment becomes necessary because of different cases. In some situations, the pulp has been infected. In other cases, the pulp are found to be inflamed. These may be due to tooth decay or dental procedures that have traumatized the tooth, faulty fillings or cracked tooth. When the infection or inflammation is not treated, it will definitely bring pain to the patient.

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How is root canal treatment done?

In the process of saving the tooth through endodontic treatment, everything inside the root canal including the infected pulp are removed. With that, the tooth is thoroughly decontaminated, disinfected, cleaned and shape. Afterwards, the dentist seals all the canals of the tooth with a material called gutta-percha and cement specially made for this treatment. During this time, the tooth is technically dead which means the aching goes away as the nerves have been removed. Finally, the tooth is restored with a permanent filling or crown which is needed to protect the tooth. The treated tooth can now then function like any other.

Who performs the root canal treatment?

Your go-to dentist may perform the treatment whenever it falls on the category of mild cases. However, as the case becomes more complicated, dentists specializing in endodontics may be recommended to ensure a quality treatment. Trusted endodontics, such as Endodontics Austin, are challenging to find and so, the patient must really check on the credibility of the dentist whom they approach.


Overall, endodontic treatment will definitely be the major savior of your tooth. If you do not want to live a life of having any missing tooth, then a root canal is essential as this treatment will last a lifetime, when done by a good quality dentist. With endodontic treatment, you will be able to permanently get rid of excruciating toothaches. Eating whatever food you want to eat will not anymore become a problem. Most of all, you will be able maintain and flaunt your beautiful smile without worrying about how you will look.

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