Attractive Customized shapes For Thumb Drives

Whenever we want to transfer data, especially in large amounts where we cannot use email or Bluetooth devices, flash drives are our only option. Flash drive or USB memory is also called as a derivative of EEPROM memory which is highly volatile. It is a device in the form of a card that is built with an attaching head so that you can connect the head with your portable devices such as laptops.

Features of custom shaped Thumb drives:

Flash drives are oriented to perform the storage of large amounts of data and executing it when needed. In very start of its manufacturing process, flash drives were very simply made. Now a days, thumb drives are made with lots of customization options. Following are the uses of custom shaped drives:

  • Customization is done because custom shaped thumb drives really pop they attract customer attention and make them willing to buy.
  • Logo printing is done for companies that makes drive more useful for pre-loading and advertisement purposes.
  • Customization gives unique look and feel to drives. Usually data storage is a stressful job. Custom drives gives fresh look to work ethics.

Flash drives help to store large data in a small space. These devices allow the reading and writing operations in multiple locations on the memory card. Flash drives are also used by making them executable to run large software’s like windows.

The technology used in this type of memory is based on the use of semiconductors. Moreover, being non-volatile and rewritable, that means it has almost all the characteristics of a RAM memory. Data can easily be written, executed and transported from one computer to another computer. Flash drives contain an auto-run file that helps in automatic connection and you do not have to install any software to read these devices.

Advantages of Thumb drives:

The advantages of thumb drives are following:

Large Data storage:

These drives usually carry data ranging from 1 to 128 GB that is used for a number of purposes like file sharing, data execution, and software generation and transferring data from one device to other. The 1GB drives are cheap and are top sellers since they are requirement of business sector. But if you need to backup data or large storage then you have to use 32GB drives that are moderately cheap in price but are very effective. Large data devices that contain space of 128GB are used for large programs and media files.

Transfer speed

Flash drives started with 2.0 version at their early stage of production. These drives allow only one way data route and are relatively slow but with advent of 3.0 version of USB drives the whole scenario changed since it has been used to transfer data at a speed of 4.8 gigabytes per second. This is great speed compared to that of SD memory card, which transfers 312 MB per second. Now a days lightening USB drives and USB C are being produced which are even faster and can be used at high speed data transfer.


One of the best use of flash drives is their compatibility. This device gives standard connectivity with all electronic and storage devices to a computer. You will notice that laptops, notebooks, and desktops have multiple ports to connect such devices.

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